About Us

Here’s a little about us! Nana James Totes began in 2010 and is a story of sewing talent handed down through the generations. Sewing is a legacy from Nancy Hettmann’s mother – Margaret Jameson. Margaret sewed for the family and never got to know that her youngest daughter would make it into an exciting business. Margaret was an expert tailor and seamstress. She designed and created everything from a fur coat to wool skirts, and prom dresses for Nancy.

Margaret passed away 1 month shy of her 90th birthday. At her mother’s memorial service, Nancy’s relatives began inquiring about this legacy. On that weekend, Nancy went home with $100 in her pocket and 5 orders from her relatives. From that humble beginning in 2010, Nancy sold via word of mouth and totes became the start of Nana James Totes (Nana is short for Nancy and James is short for Jameson, her mother’s maiden name).

After the first couple years of creating totes, Nancy needed a challenge. Purses looked like they would be fun to do. Soon new creations with coconut shell buttons, yarn, wool and a wide variety of fabrics expanded her product line.

In the early years of business, Nancy shipped her sewn products around the midwest and as far away as New York and Kentucky. Since then, she expanded her network to become an award winner at art and craft fairs, and she distributes her work through a variety of retail businesses. Her products have traveled as far away as Japan and Uruguay. Nancy and her staff are based in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, so the products are truly “made in the USA.”

Nancy loves what she does and knows the joy that repeat customers share with her. When she talks about her creations her “eyes light up with enthusiasm.”

Have fun exploring the website!